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10:44am and I’m still an unemployed

By Sparky | April 22, 2006

Until Monday at least! Yesterday I finished up the last bits of fanfare at my old company, and left amidst a Pho induced coma shortly after lunch. After an afternoon of drinking and hanging out with Mike and Cyn I went home to sleep.

Unfortunately I think Ian got me sick when I carpooled with him this week, so today I’m trying to take it easy. I’ve got some mild sniffles and a case of the blahs. I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty minor so long as I get plenty of rest and take my vitamin C.

After reviewing the official blogging policy at my new employer I’ve decided that for the first time ever I’m actually going to talk about specifics at work, and name the company:

As of Monday I will be a Program Manager I for Microsoft. I know it might seem silly to some of my readers that I’m going to Microsoft being such an avid Apple fan and all, but I’m really thinking that this is going to be an excellent opportunity to learn more about project management and get some good experience under my belt.

I’m quite excited about starting Monday and really want to go the extra mile and make sure to impress. Even if I’m only going to be with the company for 2-5 years I want to make a good impression and learn how to be a software ninja so that someday when the singularity comes I hopefully won’t be left out for cold.

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One Response to “10:44am and I’m still an unemployed”

  1. Janet Says:
    April 24th, 2006 at 7:23 am

    Congrats bro! You deserve it!
    Let me know when you’re going to make that car trip with Skype to see us in Lala land, k?