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The end of the road

By Sparky | April 19, 2006

Last night was quite the experience. My co-workers took me out to Chez Gaudy for my goodbye party from work. The evening started at 6pm, and involved lots of drinking and madness. At about 9:30 we got kicked out of Chez Gaudy and all ended up trooping back to my place (a convenient two blocks away).

I had a good deal to drink – at least two bottles of wine, and about a fifth of vodka all said and done. The partying at my place went late into the evening, and finally at about 2am the last of the recruiters left me to collapse into my couch and relax.

I’m going to miss the crew, but I’m still v. excited about getting started in my new career. Getting back into technology really has been too long in coming!

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