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Lakeshore mountains

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

So I just found this really cool software called Terragen which enables rapid prototyping of a wide variety of virtual worlds. I spent about six hours playing with one on Friday night tweaking terrain, atmospheric settings, and getting the water just right and I have to say – this thing freaking rocks. They are working on a second release and I certainly hope that they get the technology preview out soon as this thing is really fun to play with.

Second video blog post – now with flashy goodness

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Hopefully this second blog post will show up a bit easier to consume, for you my adoring readers. I’ve used some freeware apps (for Windows) to transcode the video I took with my SD400 to Flash Video and am hosting it in a small SWF. Apologies in advance for the ultra gay Skype affections!

If this does not work than I guess I’ll just have to be sad and not 1337 like other bloggers. If it does then it means I have a complete roll-your-own video blogging solution based on Dreamhost and flash.

Now off to relax, watch some real Borgs in Voyager, and recuperate from a wonderful experience. Thanks Mind Camp 2.0 for all the great times, and all the great pictures!

My very first (5th) attempt at a Video Blog Post

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Watch the video
A quick technology test to see if I can get the whole video blogging thing set up. Luckily I have lot’s of cool people here helping me, and to run some of the back en.

This video was originally shared on by sparktography with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

Mind Camp ROCKS!

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

All I have to say is Mind Camp 2.0 ROCKS! I’m here with more than 200 geeks, I have not slept in over 24 hours, and I’ve had some of the most cool and amazing conversations about every topic under the sun from real estate, to DSL, to video blogging (just wait – more on this in a moment), and social networking.

Nearly a week down

Thursday, April 27th, 2006

On the new job and I must say I’m 100% glad I made the switch from recruiting. I still have a lot to learn but I’m starting to get my head around the meetings, specifications, and how best to represent both my users and the business.

Right now I’m splitting my time between the project I was hired to do (some proof of concept work) as well as spec’ing out a new version of a web product my group offers. It’s interesting to see the project management side of software development. Back when I was a developer I just kind of assumed that the specifications “happened” and I didn’t appreciate the detail, planning, and fore-thought that had to go into making something as amazingly complex as software work (well).

I’m looking forward to the week being over tomorrow. I have Mind Camp to look forward to over the weekend, and then another big week before I can finally “take a load off” and relax next weekend.

The M$ empire

Monday, April 24th, 2006

So day one down at the Redmond giant and I must say it went smoother than I had expected. Mid-afternoon I got all my network access squared away (although I’m still waiting for a few things to replicate out around Microsoft) and spent the majority of my day in meetings and doing brain-dumps with my boss on our technology platform.

Now it’s eight at night, and I’m fat, sassy, and exhausted. Luckily tonight I can sleep and worry about tomorrow… well tomorrow!

10:44am and I’m still an unemployed

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Until Monday at least! Yesterday I finished up the last bits of fanfare at my old company, and left amidst a Pho induced coma shortly after lunch. After an afternoon of drinking and hanging out with Mike and Cyn I went home to sleep.

Unfortunately I think Ian got me sick when I carpooled with him this week, so today I’m trying to take it easy. I’ve got some mild sniffles and a case of the blahs. I’m thinking it’s going to be pretty minor so long as I get plenty of rest and take my vitamin C.

After reviewing the official blogging policy at my new employer I’ve decided that for the first time ever I’m actually going to talk about specifics at work, and name the company:

As of Monday I will be a Program Manager I for Microsoft. I know it might seem silly to some of my readers that I’m going to Microsoft being such an avid Apple fan and all, but I’m really thinking that this is going to be an excellent opportunity to learn more about project management and get some good experience under my belt.

I’m quite excited about starting Monday and really want to go the extra mile and make sure to impress. Even if I’m only going to be with the company for 2-5 years I want to make a good impression and learn how to be a software ninja so that someday when the singularity comes I hopefully won’t be left out for cold.

Core-Duo madness!

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

Today during my lunch break (or is that breakfast on a day when I start as late as I did) I went to go get my new laptop for work. I’m an independent contractor so I have to bring my own equipment rather than have the company provide it. I ended up settling on a Toshiba Satellite Core-Duo and I have to say – I’m impressed.

It’s no secret that Windows is no longer my OS of choice, but I figure if I’m going to have to run it I might as well run it on a 1.66Gz Dual Core machine with 2Gb of RAM – the thing screams! It’s got an integrated graphics chipset so it’s not going to be anywhere near the quality you would want for gaming, but it still should be a pretty fun little laptop. I wish it was slightly smaller, but it’s at least portable enough that I can cart it around to meetings without getting a hernia.

Oh Macbook Pro – how I yearn for thee!

The end of the road

Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

Last night was quite the experience. My co-workers took me out to Chez Gaudy for my goodbye party from work. The evening started at 6pm, and involved lots of drinking and madness. At about 9:30 we got kicked out of Chez Gaudy and all ended up trooping back to my place (a convenient two blocks away).

I had a good deal to drink – at least two bottles of wine, and about a fifth of vodka all said and done. The partying at my place went late into the evening, and finally at about 2am the last of the recruiters left me to collapse into my couch and relax.

I’m going to miss the crew, but I’m still v. excited about getting started in my new career. Getting back into technology really has been too long in coming!

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