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The future is going to suck

By Sparky | February 21, 2006

…if business has any say in the matter. The internet is filled with pop-up advertising, spam, and every sort of scam under the internet. It’s sad that it’s a valid business model to serve up advertisements to people. When a company spends so much money on marketing they are taking money away from R&D and making their product better in the future.

If a product is sound and is the best in the marketplace it will sell itself – there is no need to plague a users computer with garbage, wasting their bandwidth and polluting your screen real-estate with an advertisement for cheap air fares or the latest phone.

Hopefully before the internet ends up wet wired in everyones brain this problem will go away. As looking forward to being “connected” as I am the thought of fucking Viagra advertisements getting spammed to my frontal lobe makes me throw up in my mouth.

Being a grown-up sucks: you realize that the world is headed to a giant conglomerate hell, soaked in advertisements and dripping with the leavings of a capitalist society.

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