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Overwrought emotional gambling

By Sparky | February 12, 2006

Friday was a disaster – luckily the actual weekend has been a bit better. On Friday my company had our annual holiday party. Unfortunately they had the bad taste to have a casino night. Loud noises, heavy drinking, casino gambling, and all our employees makes for a bad combination and a worse experience for an introverted little geek like me.

I had an anxiety attack from too many strangers and ended up leaving in a hurry. I was so nerve-wracked that I threw up in the parking lot of the Bellevue Club on my way out. I’m not sure but I think that throwing up in the parking lot of a fancy health club makes me special.

You know it’s funny. I love the company I work for – it’s why I’m there, but I really can’t stand the way they choose to reward their employees. It would make so much more sense to me to take the thousands of dollars that they spend on an event like that had give us all better benefits, or something like that. Forcing your employees to come to a moral event just makes for some uncomfortable times.

* * *

Thankfully yesterday and today have involved a lot of nothing. I spent most of the day yesterday slogging my way through season 2 of Star Trek Voyager, and going out to Kirkland with Brien to hang out with some of his friends. Today is going to be more friends with the continuation of our Battlestar Galactica marathon.

I also managed to get FTP working on my powerbook, and learned how to configure restricted FTP and sFTP users. I’m planning on getting an iMac or Mac Mini again at some point in the future so I can get back to work setting up my full time server.

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