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All grown up

By Sparky | January 29, 2006

I guess I must be all grown up now – for the first time ever I have to pay extra on my taxes. It was actually kind of scary to be in HR Block and talking about my finances, to suddenly have their computer spit out that I owe quite a bit of money. Suddenly I felt alone and in the dark, like a valiant knight dodging such frightening words as “Tax Shield” as they flew about the room like dark demons.

Oh well – it could be worse. As my accountant pointed out if I’m having to pay that much in taxes it means I made a decent amount of money so I guess it’s not all bad. To tell the truth I really wouldn’t mind paying taxes so much if I could feel that they were being put to good use. I support roads, welfare, and other social programs that our government has started, but hate the idea of my hard earned dollars going to the war-for-oil machine that Bush and his evil minions have created.

Hopefully if I follow the advice being put forth by my accountant at least next year I won’t be in this predicament. He’s having me change my deductions to 0 and start saving a little bit of money each month in a special savings account just to be sure I don’t get stuck with the bill again next year like this.

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