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Could have been a lot worse

Monday, January 30th, 2006

This morning marked my first official day in more than a year with a Seattle to Redmond commute. I was actually surprised at how easy the commute was give that I was able to leave much later than I normally would have left at my old east-side company.

Still not 100% sold on the commute being worth it, but if it stays easy like this I think I can cope. Now if only there was not a Sonics game tonight!

All grown up

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

I guess I must be all grown up now – for the first time ever I have to pay extra on my taxes. It was actually kind of scary to be in HR Block and talking about my finances, to suddenly have their computer spit out that I owe quite a bit of money. Suddenly I felt alone and in the dark, like a valiant knight dodging such frightening words as “Tax Shield” as they flew about the room like dark demons.

Oh well – it could be worse. As my accountant pointed out if I’m having to pay that much in taxes it means I made a decent amount of money so I guess it’s not all bad. To tell the truth I really wouldn’t mind paying taxes so much if I could feel that they were being put to good use. I support roads, welfare, and other social programs that our government has started, but hate the idea of my hard earned dollars going to the war-for-oil machine that Bush and his evil minions have created.

Hopefully if I follow the advice being put forth by my accountant at least next year I won’t be in this predicament. He’s having me change my deductions to 0 and start saving a little bit of money each month in a special savings account just to be sure I don’t get stuck with the bill again next year like this.

Farewell Seattle office

Friday, January 27th, 2006

My company is doing the big office moves this weekend and starting Monday I’ll be back in the commuting ranks given that our fancy new office is in Redmond.

I’m really not that happy about the drive, but I’m very much looking forward to being back amongst the technical people in our company so I can really experience the vibrancy of software development again.

Today was tiring, getting everything packed up and such. We had a quick pizza lunch, and got everything into boxes for the movers. After work I went out for a round of drinks (I’m sure my co-workers are still out actually) to Daniels where I took a couple of nice shots.

I’m really looking forward to not doing much this weekend. I picked up a book on Mac OS X programming and want to play around a little with that.

Oh yeah – and I have my taxes tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a fat refund rather than the normal ass raping from the government.

Coolest condos ever

Friday, January 27th, 2006

Frank Gehry, the artist responsible for the EMP here in Seattle built this fantastic condo building in the 90′s in Prague. I would love to live there – such brilliant work and physics-defying looks!

I found out about it here via we make money not art

groupthink: minds mull over a single word.

Thursday, January 26th, 2006


Groupthink is a fantastic social word game that my friend Jake just turned me onto. A large number of people come together to build sentences one word at a time, then rate those sentences. It’s hard to explain but go check it out – it’s worth the 5 minutes (which can turn into 5 hours if you are not careful).

Getting back into the swing of things

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

So here I sit at work, my week half over and boy am I pleased. It’s been a good week – I closed a deal after all – but after the whole wedding/funeral saga I’m pretty beat. I’ve been busting ass at work, and then collapsing into my couch at night trying to keep myself from getting sick.

Pursuant to that goal I picked up a copy of “We Love Katamari” so that I can spend the next few nights immersed in a sea of Japanese glory. After the rampant cult following of the first one I’m interested to see what improvements have been made to the game – not to mention hearing yet another great soundtrack!

Seahawks are going to the superbowl…

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Not that I really care mind you. Jake and Tres hosted a superbowl riot party of sorts and invited some friends over to take shots of the crowds in Pioneer Square after the big Seahawks game. They won so I guess they get to go to the superbowl – yay4them!

I took a number of shots tonight, but the number featured above was my favorite. I love the color and the slightly dreamlike quality the long exposure gave it.

On the way to Shiv Alley I decided that a walk would do Skype and myself some good. It was actually kind of nice to throw all my gear into my bag and go tromping off downtown with Skype. He was a little nervous about all the crowds but I think that it was a very positive experience for him. He was fairly naughty and had several accidents over there – thank god for hardwood floors.

Collaborative online art mural

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Official Bluesfear Worm: fantastic collaborative art project in which a large number of artists have created a long piece, each contributing and building off the previous artists edges. A nifty project – it would be cool to see a wiki-like server created for this kind of project, as well as matching up both horizontal and vertical lines. This would create a collaborative online quilting like experience.


Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

The funeral made for a very strange day. My grandmothers funeral was surprisingly beautiful and it finally really broke through to me and I cried a bit. I was really pleased to see all the people come out of the woodwork that my grandma has touched over the years with her boundless enthusiasm.

That evening I went out for a few rounds of drinks with Janet and my cousins. It was really good to talk about grandma and just be together. It’s been years since I’ve hung out with my cousins and it was really great to go be adults together.

The trip home was relatively easy, although the whole family was a bit on edge. It had been a stressful couple of days and I think we were all glad to be home and be able to relax. I’ve spent the last couple of days laying around recuperating and I feel much better for it.

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