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Homeward bound

Friday, December 16th, 2005

I’m just finishing up my week at work here. Today was pretty easy – we had a recruiting brunch, and got a chance to relax a bit. It was a welcome relief after being sick for the last couple of days while stressing out on getting everything together for my mom’s new law office.

I’m going to leave work rather early today as I really want to make sure that I get across the pass before things get dark and icy. If it was not for the pass I would just leave after work, but crossing Snoqualmie after dark in the winter can be a scary thing.

In the Future

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Bre over at I Make Things just posted a simply delicious little video: In the future. He asked a bunch of his students what the future will bring and edited them down into something that makes you think.

My question is what would have happened if you asked the same equivalent kids 15 years in the past, and 15 years in the future. How has our child-like perception of the future changes with the onslaught of technology at an ever-increasing rate?


Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

Check out DirIndexFaker – it’s a slick little anti-RIAA honeypot of sorts that P2Pnet just posted. The MPAA and RIAA have spider bots that crawl around the internet looking for copyrighted material. They then use the logs from those bots to sue people, many of whom have turned out to be innocent.

DirIndexFaker creates a /media directory on your website with fake files that look like they would be in violation of copyright. The RIAA/MPAA then downloads those files and use them as evidence against the owners of the site, however discovers they have downloaded a file of random 0′s and 1′s.

This slows down the spiders and makes them put more efforts into checking their files. I encourage all website owners to put this script somewhere on their server. It sends a message to big media and complicates their attempts to turn technology against people and restrict what they can do with their media and computers.

Damn camera

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005

So as I had previously reported my camera was behaving a bit erratically and occasionally displaying the dreaded ERR-99 message and forcing me to shut it off and turn it on again. Given that my sisters wedding is looming I took it back into the shop (a Canon-authorized dealer this time) and got a second opinion. It sounds like they need to replace the shutter mechanism so it’s going to cost about $450. Bummer given the timing and I’ll barely have my camera back in time for the wedding.

*crosses fingers*

To top it all off I feel sick today. I’m tired, grumpy, and just want to go home. Luckily tonight is going to be very chill and I can rest up so that tomorrow and Friday go by quickly. Only seven more days until my three week vacation starts – I can’t wait!

Sushi aftermath

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

Some sake and sushi with Ken made this evening a success. We are about to go watch some space western and have fun with CSS. Fun times were had by all and now further discussions are ensuing.

Be good by doing good…

Monday, December 12th, 2005

In my building lives a nasty old husk of a man. He’s in failing health and seems to project his sorry state of being on the rest of the world. He’s abrupt, rude, and loves to meddle in other peoples business.

I’ve adopted a very friendly stance in dealing with him. No matter what a pain in the ass he is about me, the rest of the condo’s residents, or the homeowners board I am polite and friendly to him and it drives him batty.

In the elevator today he said something (which I think was meant to be a personal insult) when I asked him how he was: “I am good because I do good”. One of the hardest things I’ve done in a while was to smile and nod rather than pointing out that he must be feeling rather horrible because he’s certainly never done anything good for the rest of the world.

Yoga ending

Monday, December 12th, 2005

Today was the final installment of my beginning yoga class and I must say that I feel quite enriched for having come to it. It’s taught me a few cool things about my body and some great stress management techniques. I feel healthier for it and that’s a great thing in my book.

Aside from feeling well rested I’m hard at work now trying to get everything set up for my moms new law office. I’m handling quite a bit of IT stuff for her and getting all the computers ready to go and purchasing software has been quite a drain on my time. Luckily this weekend I’ll get to drive home to drop it all off and be able to take a much more hands off approach to the whole thing.

Although my mom does not know it I’m pushing her in the direction of open source technologies. I’m hosting all their mail on a linux box, and using WordPress for their website. They are locked into a closed source (legacy) application for tracking their clients and cases, but down the road I want to see if I can make a replacement for them with MAMP. If they can have something more customizable and easier to use then I think everyone would be better off – not to mention the possibility of dropping Windows entirely!

Now for an evening walk with Skype and a good nights sleep before tomorrow comes.

iTunes Music Signature

Monday, December 12th, 2005

Jason Freeman has put together a nifty tool called the iTunes Signature Maker. It’s kind of hard to explain but does a great job bringing together catchy moments of your favorite songs into a sort of personal musical style. It uses play-count and other information from iTunes to determine which tracks are your favorite before processing them. Neat stuff – I’m going to post my signature as soon as I get off my duff and download something capable of turning the 14MB WAV file it generated into something a bit more manageable.

Update: Here is my music signature – happily converted to MP3 format thanks to Richard’s suggestion. It’s about 80 seconds long and contains my 100 top rated tracks.


Sunday, December 11th, 2005

There is a cool new service called TextPayMe that I just found out about. It’s similar to PayPal but is based on SMS/cell phone technology. Once you get all your friends signed up you can send each other money free by sending an SMS to TextPayMe with an amount and the recipients phone number. They then do a callback and have you type in a pin to authorize the transaction and *poof* your friend has money in their bank account. It sounds handy for paying for lunches, or paying your half of a round of drinks or something.

Click here to sign up and get $5.00 free from them. I kind of have to wonder how they are paying for all this. It does not look like a spam based service, so once they leave beta mode they might start charging to send money.

They are trying to get merchants in on the action and I would love it if this takes off. Being able to walk into a store and pay by typing an amount into my cell phone and clicking send.

SignUp at TextPayMe

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