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The vacation begins

By Flickr | December 21, 2005

My vacation is off to a roaring start. After closing that deal yesterday I got to take our new consultant to lunch today. The moment he walked into the resturant I was pleasantly surprised to discover why his name sounded familiar: we had knowen each others from years back and have met at various events – we have a number of mutual friends.

After lunch I took one of my Christmas presents – a Best Buy gift certificate – and put in a little bit of money for myself to get a Christmas present. I got a Canon SD400 so that I would have both an easily pocketed camera as well as something to act as a backup in case my 10D ever decides to go tits up again.

I’m pretty impressed with the SD400 at the moment. It’s obviously nothing compared to the 10D but still packs a pretty decent little punch. One surprising little feature is “selective color”. Using that feature lets you select a color in the scene to keep and drop everything else out. As you can see from the photo above it can lead to some striking photos. It’s easy to do after the fact in Photoshop but still a nice little quirk.

Jake and Tres joined me for dinner tonight, then Brien joined us after to watch War Games. God – I had not seen it in ages and had forgotten how cool of a movie it was.

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