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Firefox updates to 1.5

By Sparky | November 30, 2005

The great folks at Mozilla have made a pretty major update to the Firefox browser in releasing Firefox 1.5. I downloaded it and have been checking it out over the last couple of days and I like some of the modifications that they have made. It’s now much more “Mac-like” and they have made significant improvements to both it’s speed and memory footprint.

I still prefer Camino on the Mac, but see this as even more reason for anyone on the Windows platform to make the switch. Camino seems better integrated with the OS X look and feel, and is easily the fastest browser that I’ve ever used. I like the Firefox plugin architecture, but appreciate that Camino seems to integrate most of the features I would want in the base install – other than remembering tabs when I close the browser (or *gasp* the browser crashes).

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