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A period of rest ahead

By Sparky | November 23, 2005

Today was not half bad at the office. I got a lot done, and the sales team took off early. It was very nice to get out of the office a few hours early and go home to snuggle up on the couch with Skype watching my new Star Trek: TNG collection. Skype certainly was glad to see me home so early as he has been alone longer and longer of late and has been relishing the time he gets to spend with me on weekends and evenings.

I’m struggling to keep up with the economy at work and I’ve been doing my best to avoid getting stressed out a little stress here and there is unavoidable. I’m glad that I’m going to have four days to kick back and relax.

I have over 150 hours of TNG content at my disposal and I plan to watch as much of it as possible. It makes for a great background distraction to some of the PHP stuff I’m working on. I’m continuing to tweak with WordPress, and I’m also working on some web based applications to run on my mobile phone du jour.

Back to the puppy cuddles and soap opera in space!

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